It is difficult to afford a healthy diet when one is on a tight budget. In fact the major reason why people eat unhealthy foods is because high cost.

However, there are tips and tricks on healthy eating at a cheap cost. These include creating a grocery game plan, meal planning, purchasing produce when it’s in season and buying some of the highly nutritious food which are either cheap or have a long shelf life. This article will focus on some the high-nutrient foods which are inexpensive.

Beans: This type of food is a good supplier of fiber and protein. Going for around 1$ per pound, dry beans can be a good part of the diet. An alternative canned beans which are nearly as cheap.

Fortified cereal: Examples are Total-100 and Kellog. These are good suppliers of calcium, iron, minerals and other essential vitamins. These have a pocket friendly price of around $4 per box with twelve servings.

Brown rice: This is one of the healthiest versatile grains. Aside from this, it is rich in protein and fiber that help to keep one satisfied. It is also a good supplier of three B vitamins. Brown rice goes for around $1 to 2$ per pound when bought in bulk.

Turmeric: This is a great spice that adds color and good flavor to food. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent obesity and depression. Experiments conducted on animals show that it has anti-cancer and heart-related benefits though this is yet to be proved on human beings.



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