FABuk - new glamour magazine out in April

FABuk - new glamour magazine out in April

In the NEW issue of FABuk publication, Alexa Chung talks about the struggles of dating, what she truly thinks of Donald Trump, as well as the paradox of being classified a 'style icon'. Everybody is friends with Alexa. However, do they visit her asking for style advice? She said "In my circle of close friends, no person would certainly ever ask me for fashion advice”.


  • Why are nice British girls marrying Jihadists?

In the previous year, an extraordinary number of British women have responded to a phone call from the homicidal terrorist group, Islamic State, to make a trip to Syria and marry its fighters. Gabby Hinsliff checks out why these ladies agree to swap the freedoms of the West for an overbearing life in a country at war.


  • For the April concern of FABuk, it's everything about models, stars, and also entrepreneurs, stated Rosie Huntington Whiteley. In addition to being just one of the most searched for faces in Vogue, Rosie has a best-selling underwear realm as well as a cosmetics line on its way. She talks to FABuk Editor, Jo Elvin, about life with Jason Statham, preparing for a 'significant' birthday, and also the secret to her job success.


  • Free Beauty Gift for Every Reader.

The April edition is offering a high-end reward to subscribers from the magazine’s beauty editors. Choose from the pure skin face wash, super body wash, or radiance face mask, or the tinted lip slave.


Gorgeous Ring on Miranda Kerr's Finger

Miranda Kerr has had her share of failed marriages before. But when she was seen with a gorgeous ring on her finger, many were asking if she is ready to walk down the aisle once again. Miranda used to be married to Orlando Bloom. At the moment, her boyfriend is Evan Spiegel, a billionaire who…

Amal Clooney's glamorous look at Cannes

The Cannes Festival is a famous film festival to which everyone looks forward every year. There were many celebrities there, and all of them looked stunning this year, but a few of them stood out from the crowd because of their excellent taste and their passion for style. Looking forward to the…

Home spun Guatemala fabrics new to glamour scene

Most Guatemalan handcrafts and fabrics are handmade and purchased from the villages. The market is a fabulous place to visit where you can find handmade fabrics woven in homes or in the streets of Chichi. The hand-woven Mayan fabric of Guatemala is beautiful and colorful. The traditional Maya dress…

Three glamorous looks for eyes and eye makeup

When a woman is trying to find a special look, she sometimes needs some great tips on how to find the right eye makeup and style. Before applying eye makeup, use a foundation to even the tone around the eyes. Apply a concealer if extra coverage is needed. Apply a primer on the eye lids to give the…

How to remove gel nail polish

It’s an awesome feeling to have perfectly polished nails for weeks on end; no chips, no nothing. But removing that gel nail polish is something else. Once they do start waning then it takes everything in or power not to rip it all off. Doing so would damage our nails and that’s why…

How To Grow Your Hair Faster

It is not difficult to find most women that desire to have long hair and beautiful hair. Unfortunately, their hair grows at a very short rate. If you want to know how to grow your hair faster, you should remember that there are different ways of getting results. You will have to try out some of the…

How to Make Your Hiking and Trekking Outfit More Glamorous

So you have finally decided that you will set out for a trekking trip. Whether you are going for an expedition or heading out all alone for a hiking trip, there is one thing you should not forget. You can look absolutely stylish and glamorous even while wearing your seemingly rough-n-tough outdoor…